What is Guest Posting? Why & how to do it?

By Tarundeep Singh | Blog

Sep 24

What is Guest Posting? Why & how to do it?

Guest Posting – The Guest blogging or Guest Posting is a method where the blogger writes posts for another blog. Writers write content to get backlink and traffic. Guest Posting is one of the best approaches to get “Do Follow” backlinks which is used to increase the domain authority and ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). For guest bloggers must know the about the quality of the blog, target audience and the topic for they are writing about. In this page you can know all about the guest post such need and benefits of guest blogging, how to write guest posting and top websites for guest blogging for different profiles.

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How to Writing first guest post?

To start a guest posting or become a successful guest post blogger you must follow the given steps:

S. No Steps
1 Write a creative post
2 Contact the blog owner
3 Capture traffic after your guest post
4 Promote your guest post
5 Reply to comments

Let’s check the above steps one by one in details,

Step 1. Writing a Guest Post

General tips to write a Guest Post

Guest Blogging Tips
Content must be unique
Write about what you know
Know your audience and write a relatable post
Provide high-quality outbound links (not necessarily to your own blog!)
Try to put facts and valuable data in the guest post

Step 2. Contact the blog owner

The main task is to search guest posting sites and to contact the blog owner (The list of guest post/guest blogging sites are given below in the table). You have to insist the blogger by writing a mail. The good idea to use domain specific Email address like admin@domain.com, your_name@domain.com

Your Signature:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Twitter ID
  • Facebook ID
  • Blog Address (URL)

Step 3. Capture traffic after your guest post

Try to write an attractive guest post and check your analytics to track the audience. You have only one change to attract your audience, try to write the attractive title as well as guest post. You can check the following steps to know how to get traffic.

Step 4. Promote your guest post

After getting the approval by the blog owner, the next step is to promote the guest post. To promote your guest posting, you can promote your guest post on Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites.

Step 5. Reply to comments.

You must be active and responsive on your blog post to engage with the commenters. To get more engagement you must be a good customer service agent and respond to all comments and questions.

What after Guest-Post approval?

  1. Contact Another Blogger
  2. Submit To Directories
  3. Comment on other blogs
  4. Write Your Next Post
Submit Your Guest Post

Guest Posting Submission Sites 2017

Web Page DA PA Moz Rank


Google blog 100 65.54 5.51
Smashing Magazine 90.86 40.34 5.53
Hub Spot 89.65 64.8 4.42
Copy blogger 88.02 1
Content Marketing Institute 87.6 74.26 6.19
Kiss Matrics 84.93 66.58 4.37
Small Biz Trends 82.57 60.55 4.72
Marketing Profs 82.56 1 6.33
Your Story 75.35 42.01 3.81
Daily Blog Tips 74.62 1 3.82
The SITS Girls 69.3 1
Inbound 69.2 41.87 3.82
Shout Me Loud 62.63 29.55
The Write Life 59 55.8 5.67
Inc42 58.25 57.18 5.53
Inspiration Feed 57.25 55.35 6.33
Hell Bound Bloggers 43.25 41.63 4.37


Read Write 85.72 72.87 6.62
Tech Wyse 60.88 1
I am Wire 47.58 28.54 5.02
Shout Me Tech 28.97 31.77 4.68


Web Design Ledger 70.5 46.66 3.86
One Extra Pixel 64.64 53.86 5.1
SKYJE 42.73 47.02 5.64
Web and Designers 38.9 1 5.64

Parenting & pregnancy

Scary Mommy 69.6 1

Social Media

Social Media Examiner 86.65 1
Social Media Today 84.94 51.15 3.95


MOZ 93.35 63.44 4.48

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