What is Digital Marketing?

By Tarundeep Singh | Blog

Sep 06

Digital Marketing – The digital marketing differs from traditional marketing where people do door to door promotion, interact personally and sell their goods and services in tangible manner. Digital refers to the electronic media/technology which is fast, more effective and less costly. In digital technology the data is stored and transferred in the form or 0 and 1. Digital marketing brings the marketing to a next level where seller can directly contact with the world within few minutes. There are some examples of Digital Marketing platforms like:  Social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Emails, Paid Pop Ups, Click Bait links, Blogs etc.

Digital marketing can be categorized into two parts: Online Digital Marketing and Offline Digital Marketing.
Here are some examples of online marketing given below:
Online Digital Marketing

S. No Strategy
1 Affiliate marketing
2 Content marketing
3 Email marketing
4 Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
5 Search engine marketing (SEM)
6 Search engine optimization (SEO)
7 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Here are some examples of offline marketing given below:
Offline Digital Marketing

S. No Strategy
1 Phone marketing
Cold calling
QR codes
Text message marketing (coupons, giveaways, loyalty programs)
2 TV marketing
Super Bowl commercials
TV commercials
3 Radio marketing
Radio commercials
Show sponsoring
4 Enhanced offline marketing
Digital product demos
Electronic billboards
Digital product samples

Why to use Digital Marketing?
Here you can know the benefits of digital marketing and what is the difference between the digital marketing/Internet Marketing and traditional marketing.

  1. Less Costly – As compare to traditional marketing where the print or radio advertisements were very costly, digital marketing is very cost effective. With assistance of internet marketing you can reach millions of people within minimum cost.
  2. Real time result – The best part of digital marketing is you can see the real time result. If you are running campaign and the result is not good then you can change your strategy until and unless you achieve your goal. This facility was not in traditional marketing were you had to wait for your executive to know the final result. Sometime traditional marketing you have to wait for week(s) but in internet marketing you can get result time results like how many people interacted with your ad, how many people clicked your ad, what was the bounce rate and how much conversion was there.
  3. Brand development – Digital Marketing is best way to develop a brand. With the help of internet marketing you can promote your brand globally and you have no space limit like a column of newspaper. You can use your whole website as brand development.
  4. Non- intrusive– In the digital marketing the ads are non-intrusive. It depends on user to see or ignore the ads. In Online advertisement people can also block the ads. People don’t want intrusiveness, and in the traditional marketing, newspaper, radio, magazine ads were ignored by people.
  5. Easy analytics – Digital marketing/ internet marketing track and record all the data which makes it easy to analysis the result. The analytical tools provides you to know the behaviour of the audience, real time people engagement, location, traffic source, conversions, active users, returning and new users, technology they are using and lots of other features by which you can track analysis your marketing skills. Whereas, in traditional marketing it is not easy to analysis the customer’s satisfaction.
  6. Higher exposure – Digital advertisement facilitates to reach out people around the world whereas in tradition marketing you can cover one area or city, limited area.
  7. Higher engagement – If you are advertising globally means you have huge amount of audience and the engagement is higher in digital marketing as compare to traditional marketing.
  8. Quicker publicity – Digital marketing is very fast and effective way to get publicity. You can do branding as per your budget and requirement. In traditional marketing you have to follow the long process.
  9. Non Interruptive – Internet marketing is not affective with interruption because user can skip or close the Ads but in the traditional marketing user can’t skip or close the ad. For example if you are watching your favourite TV serial then you can’t skip the commercial ads.
  10. Strategy Refinement – Digital marketing facilitates to check the real time result, if your campaign gets wrong, you can refine the result accordingly. Whereas in traditional marketing, you can’t refine the strategy. You have to make the strategy first and follow whether the strategy goes wrong or right.
  11. Good for all stages of fields – The business size does not matter in digital marketing, you have to follow same procedure for the same. Yes, budget may differ, you can reach out your audience according to your budget. In traditional marketing, business size matters. You have to do your marketing according to your business size. The process is get changes according to your  business size and budget.

In some cases, you have to follow the traditional marketing. In following cases you should use the traditional advertisement.

  • Where people are not aware of internet/digital marketing.
  • When personal interaction needed, traditional marketing is best as compared to digital marketing.

Conclusion – Traditional marketing and digital marketing are same but the difference is use to technology. Yes, Digital Marketing won over Traditional marketing because of its real time result, cost effectiveness easy interaction etc.

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What is Digital Marketing?
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Digital marketing is categorized into two parts: Online and Offline Digital Marketing. Know the difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing.
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