What is a good click through rate for Adwords?

By Tarundeep Singh | Adwords

Jul 07

Good CTR for Adwords

What is a Good CTR? – Before start with good click through rate (CTR) you must know what CTR is and how it is calculated. The formula of CTR and average CTR that must be achieved as per industry rule are given below. Know the industry wise required CTR for Search and Display Networks.

How to Calculate CTR?

CTR Formula: Clickthrough rate (CTR) = Clicks/ Impressions

Example: If you had 10 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 10%

Industry wise best CTR for Search Network and Display Network:

Know which is good CTR that should be achieved by a digital marketer, agency or a company. The list of average good CTR is categorised as per industry namely: Advocacy, Auto, B2B, Consumer Services, Dating and Personals, E-Commerce, Education, Employment Services, Employment Services, Finance and Insurance, Health and Medical, Home Goods, Industrial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Technology and Travel and Hospitality.

Average CTR (Click-Through Rate) for Search and Display Network

Industry Search Network Display Network
Advocacy 1.72 0.52
Auto 0.41 0.41
B2B 2.55 0.22
Consumer Services 2.4 0.2
Dating and Personals 3.4 0.52
E-Commerce 1.66 0.45
Education 2.19 0.22
Employment Services 2.13 0.14
Finance and Insurance 2.65 0.33
Health and Medical 1.79 0.31
Home Goods 1.8 0.37
Industrial Services 1.4 0.36
Legal 1.35 0.45
Real Estate 4.39 0.24
Technology 2.39 0.84
Travel and Hospitality 2.18 0.48

The above table is created on the basis of Google Adwords Industry Benchmarks.

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What is a good click through rate for Adwords?
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What is a good click through rate for Adwords?
Good CTR for Adwords - Know which is the Good click through rate (CTR) for Google Adwords as per industry in Search and Display Network. Check here details.
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