Top 250+ Free SEO Tools 2019 – The Complete List of SEO Analysis Tool

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Aug 24

Top 250+ Free SEO Tools 2018

Top (Free) SEO Tools 2019 – Why to go for paid? If you have option to use free SEO analysis tools then you must go for it. The Digital Land provides you the complete list of free SEO Analysis Tools. There are approximately 270 Free SEO Tools are provided below.

Why to use Free SEO Tools?

To analysis the client or your own website, you can use the free tools. These free SEO websites/tools give you limited access or full access according to their policy. You can create a free SEO report of your analysis and give to your client.

There are a number of online SEO tools that are provided in this page. Read the use of given tools below:

WordPress Plugins, Analytics Dashboards, Spreadsheet Tools, Validation Tools, Social Media Tools, Web Utilities, Site Analysis, Resource Generators, Productivity Tools, SEO Analysis, Search Analysis, Advanced Search Query Tools, Mobile Apps, Keyword Research, Email, Link Analysis Tools, Desktop Applications, Competitive Analysis, Browser Extensions, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Optimization tool

Check the complete List of Free SEO Tools 2019.

  1. SEO Tools – Top Free WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins
Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin Optimize your entire wordpress site and its content and automatically generate sitemaps
WP Social SEO Booster Adds Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card, and Google Rich Snippets to pages and posts for better social share appearances
WordPress schema plugin Generate the markup for your wordpress site
Squirrly Checks your blog content for elements of SEO and makes recommendations for changes
SEO Ultimate Optimizes several areas of your WordPress site for SEO
SEO Friendly Images Automatically adds alt and title attributes to all wordpress images
Open Graph plugin for Facebook Optimize metadata for properly displaying your posts and pages on Facebook
Internal Link Builder Allows you to designate certain keywords and phrases on your wordpress site to automatically be linked to internal pages
Headspace2 Adjust every element of each post and page of a WordPress website
Google Sitemap Plugin Adds a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools from WordPress
Google Analyticator Easy install javascript for Google Analytics and displays data on the WordPress dashboard
Basic SEO Pack Easy WordPress site optimization for SEO
  1. Free SEO Tools –Analytics Dashboards
Analytics Dashboards
YouTube Provides data and statistics on YouTube videos
W3Counter It Displays reports on who found your website and how they got there
StatCounter Provides a basic interface for your website statistics
Piwik Piwik Gives you full control of analytics on your PCs (Desktop) and on mobile
Panguin Tool Shows Google Analytics in relation to major Google algorithm updates
Google Analytics Track analytics of your website
GeoRanker Real time analytics and reports geared towards local SEO
Clicky Monitor traffic to your website in real time
Clickmeter Monitor marketing campaigns and conversions all in one dashboard
  1. FREE SEO Tools – Spreadsheet Tools
Spreadsheet Tools
SEOgadget Extension for Excel Allows you to conduct advanced Excel commands on SEO data with APIs from several different services
SEO Tools for Excel Gives your excel document various SEO tools for better number crunching
Seer Toolbox Spreadsheet that pulls in data from multiple SEO tools and services including Moz, Google Analytics, Google Scraper, Twitter, Klout, and more
Distilled’s Video Sitemap Guide Video Sitemap Generator for self-hosted videos
Content Strategy Generator Assists you in developing content with generating ideas and showing recent content currently trending on certain topics and keywords
  1. Free SEO Tools – Validation Tools
Validation Tools
XML Sitemap Validator Validate current website’s sitemap
Robots.txt syntax checker Robots.txt validator
Robots.txt Checker Checks syntax of robots.txt files
Frobee Robots.txt Checker Validates a website’s robots.txt files
Bing’s Markup Validator Bing markup validator analyzes your sites markup and validates proper markup code.
  1. Free SEO Tools – Social Media Tools
Social Media Tools
Youtube Reputation Checker Checks your brand name for Youtube videos and shows you videos, views, and ratings
Twitter Feed Feed your blog or RSS feed directly to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile
Twitter Counter Get basic Twitter stats on you and your followers
Tweriod Tells you when your tweets will receive the most exposure
Twellow Find industry leaders and other Twitter users according to category
TweetDeck Manage multiple social media accounts and monitor interactions on Twitter
Topsy Search tweets for links, photos, videos and keywords and see how that topic is trending over time Find a relevant subreddit to share your content
Social Mention Discover social mentions about a given URL
Social Media Image Resizer Resizes your images to be optimized for various social media accounts
Social Media Count Checks a link for how many social shares it has across several different channels
Social Media Analyzer and Tracker View statistics for your various social media shares and have them tracked over time
Social Crawlytics Provides social metrics for you and your competitors
SharedCount Check the number of social shares a certain URL has received
Pinalytics Displays stats behind Pinterest pins as well as its influence across other social media channels
Hootsuite Manage your social media presence across multiple accounts and schedule posts
Google SERPs Social Media Power Analyze social media power of the domains ranked on SERPs
Get Listed Displays local business accounts that your company can easily obtain and/or does not currently have
followerwonk Multiple tools for Twitter-like bio search, user analysis, and analytics
Facebook Page Insights Insights on your audience and analytics on their interactions
Counting Tweets Display the number of tweets a certain page has received
CircleCount Provides insights on Google+ accounts
Buffer Allows you to schedule posts to major social networks ahead of time
Blog Social Analyzer Input your blog’s RSS feed and it will return every blog post with how many social shares each one has
backtweets Searches for links on twitter
Author Backlink Crawler Checks authorship of a URLs backlinks and displays how prominent those authors are
Alternion Links all of your social media and email accounts, displaying them all in one place.
  1. Free SEO Tools – Web Utilities
Web Utilities
IFTTT Automate many different services to automatically perform different time-saving tasks
Wistia Video hosting with complete control over video settings with advanced features like email forms and heatmaps
Wayback Machine Internet archive of websites in the past allowing you to historically go to websites at a certain point in time.
URL Opener Open a list of URLs in separate tabs
TextCleanr Clean up text from formatting along with find and replace functionality
Smart URL List Cleaner Ultimate list trimmer and combiner for deduplicating and combining multiple URL lists together
SimilarSites Discovers similar websites to a given URL
SEO Cloaking Checker Checks for search engine cloaking on given domains
Ping-o-Matic Lets search engines know you have updated your website or blog
NetComber Displays the various websites owned by the same company
MX Toolbox Shows domain MX records for websites you type in Finds websites similar to the one you point it to
Link Prospector Uses a special algorithm to discover potential link building opportunities
Last Modified Date View the date a website was last modified
KnowEm Check for username, domain name, and patent availability for new brand names
HTTP Header Viewer HTTP header viewer for analyzing/diagnosing website issues
HTML Encoder/Decoder Encodes/Decodes text into HTML friendly formats
Google Correlate Find correlations in data according to Google search keyword phrases
Google Alerts Get email updates for various alerts of new content
GA Checker Checks websites for missing Google Analytics and Adwords code
Extract Title and Metas Extracts Titles and Metas from a batch of URLs
Extract Page Names from URLs Extracts the page name from batches of URLs and exports into CSV
Extract Links from HTML Pulls links from HTML and exports the links in CSV
Domain Report Tool Shows domain pagerank and additional indexing data for giving domains
Domain Extractor Extracts the domain from a batch of URLs and exports into CSV
Domain Dossier Investigate domains and IPs with WhoIs info and DNS records
DNS Tool DNS/WhoIs lookup tool
CloudFlare Speed up website load times with CDN and other web performance services
Bulk HTTP Header Response Tool Check multiple HTTP headers and compare them at once
Bitly Shortens URLs and provide analytics on clicks
  1. Free SEO Tools – Site Analysis
Site Analysis
WooRank Gives your website a complete analysis of visitors, local, social, mobile, SEO, usability and technologies used
WebCEO Allows your to research, promote, and track SEO elements of you and your industry
W3C Feed Validation Service Validate a website’s markup and provide correction suggestions
The Reaction Engine Complete site analysis of on-page SEO
Spider Simulator Shows you exactly how Googlebot views your website
Sitemap Validator Validate sitemaps and check them for errors
Sindice Web Inspector Inspects/validates HTML against validator
SimilarWeb Presents data and analytics on a given website
SeoSiteCheckup Detailed report on a site’s SEO
SEOptimer Reviews and analyzes your site’s SEO efforts’s SEO Audit Performs a site worth analysis and SEO evaluation for a given URL
SEO Crawler Finds errors on your website and your competitors for best SEO practices
Rob Hammond’s SEO Crawler Crawls an entire website for potential SEO issues and displays relevant SEO information about each page
Request Checker Shows how many requests and services a webpage makes each time it loads
Pingdom Test page speed and determine exactly what is causing bottlenecks
Nibbler Gives your website a report card for the various elements that a website has
Keyword Density Analysis Tool Determines what the keyword density is for a certain URL
Hubspot Marketing Grader Check various areas of your website and grades you on your marketing efforts
GTmetrix Scans your website giving you a detailed performance evaluation
Google’s Safe Browsing tool Website diagnostics for malware
Google Webmaster Guidelines Check Analyzes a site against Google Webmaster guidelines and provides suggestions for improvement
Google Webmaster Google’s site analysis for optimizing various elements of your website
Google Structured Data Testing Tool Check website for structured data for search appearance
Google PageSpeed Insights Analyze how long it takes your website to load
GoingUp Easily check the on-page SEO of any website including the keyword optimization for that page
Cuutio Monitors you website’s statistics and compares them to competitor’s
BuiltWith Gives you valuable information as to what technologies are used on certain websites
BROWSEO Quick and easy tools allows you to analyze your site and view it like a search engine would crawl it.
Bing Webmaster Tools Bing’s Webmaster Tools for analyzing your site in Bing searches
Alexa Detailed analytics displayed for any website on the internet
  1. Free SEO Tools – Resource Generators
Resource Generators
XML-Sitemaps Generate sitemaps for your website
XML Sitemap Inspector Validates and corrects sitemaps
Title & Meta Tags Generator Generates titles and metas html markup
Schema Creator Automatically generates markup for different types of webpages
Robots.txt Generator Generates a robots.txt file for your website based on parameters you determine
Microdata Generator markup generator for local businesses
Local Search Resource Generator Tool Generates GEO Meta tags, GEO Sitemaps, hCard, and KML Location Code for local search optimization
Local PPC Adwords & Keyword List Creator Generate local AdWords and keyword lists
Local Business Schema (NAP) Local business markup generator
Good Relations Rich Snippet Generator Rich snippet generator for online businesses and stores online
Geo Sitemap Generator GeoSitemap and KML generator for local SEO
Embed Code Generator Generates an embed code for your content
Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML Paste word document text into this tool and clean it up for HTML
  1. Free SEO Tools – Productivity Tools
Productivity Tools
Yahoo Pipes Automates common activities for saving lots of time
Remove Duplicate Items Remove duplicate items from a list of things
Ontolo’s URL Reviewer Open an entire list of URLs all at once in their own browser tabs
Ontolo’s Remove URLs by Hostname Remove URLs from a list that contain hostnames in another list
Ontolo’s Remove Duplicate Hostnames Removes duplicate hostnames from a list of URLs by keeping the first instance of the hostname
Ontolo’s Extract Unique Hostname Extracts the unique hostnames from a list of URLs
Ontolo’s Count URLs and Hostnames Returns the number of URLs or hostnames in a list of URLs
  1. Free SEO Tools – SEO Analysis
SEO Analysis
Whitespark Local Citation Finder Discovers additional search phrases for local SEO that your pages can easily be optimized for
Web Page Test Provides an in depth evaluation of SEO elements on your website
Side-by-Side SEO Comparison Tool Evaluates your on-page SEO efforts in comparison to up to 4 other websites
Seorch On-Page SEO Tool Gives in depth analysis of a website’s on and off page SEO
Image SEO Tool Analyzes images for best SEO practices in image optimization
Bing SEO Analyzer Bing’s SEO analyzer that provides reports and analysis of your website’s on page SEO
Analytics SEO Analytics and SEO analysis all compiled into one large SEO utility suite
  1. Free SEO Tools – Search Analysis
Search Analysis
Soovle Quickly search across multiple searching platforms
Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool Previews what your Google search result will look like in Google
Google Places Tool Analyzes Google Places listings and compares them to top competitors in the area
Free Keyword Rank Checker Keyword rank check for specified domains and keywords
Cygwin Compare rankings between you and your competitors for certain keywords
Compare Search Rankings Compare the rankings of a website across multiple search engines for designated keywords
  1. Free SEO Tools – Advanced Search Query Tools
Advanced Search Query Tools
Search Latte Search query generator geared towards international SEO searches
Outdated Content Finder Provides search queries tailored to find outdated content that you can easily update
Ontolo’s Link Building Query Generator Generate link building search queries automatically based on your keyword suggestions
Link Building Query Generator Search query generator for finding link building opportunities
DropMyLink Search query generator for finding link building opportunities
Chase the Footprint Search query generator for finding link building opportunities
  1. Free SEO Tools – Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps
Woopra Google Analytics dashboard for iOS devices
WebRank SEO Display SEO ranking data on your Android device
SiteRank Lite Displays Google PageRank and Alexa Rank for website URLs
SEO watcher Rank Tracking for Android devices
SEO SERP APP Displays keyword rank data and social shares for URLs
SEO & Link Analyzer Analyzes link and SEO data for website URLs
mAnalytics Android App for viewing Google Analytics
Analytics Tiles App Dashboard for iOS devices that creatively displays analytics data
  1. Free SEO Tools – Keyword Research
Keyword Research
YouTube Keyword Tool YouTube keyword tool for finding keyword ideas for your YouTube videos
YouTube Keyword Suggestion Tool Provides keyword suggestions and monthly search volume for YouTube promoted videos
Wordpot Provides keyword suggestions with related daily searches
Ubersuggest Input a query and ubersuggest will return a long list of ideas and suggestions on keywords and content topics
Trellian’s Keyword Discovery Compiles keyword search statistics for your keyword research
Term Explorer Bulk keyword research and statistics tool
Search Engine Optimization/KSP Tool Provides convenient keyword statistics and search data
Ontolo’s Keyword Generator Generate keyword combinations from two lists of keywords
Negative Keyword Finder Provides suggestions for negative keywords based on a given keyword
Microsite Masters Rank tracking, automation, and ROI calculating for keywords and domains
Meta Keyword Research Tool Get keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, and Youtube and email them to yourself.
Keyword Suggestion Tool Searches for relevant suggestions for any given keyword
Keyword Niche Finder Discover niches within a given keyword
Keyword Eye Provide in depth keyword research and reporting on your and your competitiors
Keyword Density Analyzer Analyzes URLs for on page keyword density among boxy text, links, and images
Keyword Cloud Tool Visual representation of the different keywords on a given webpage
Google Trends Searches and keywords that are trending on Google at the moment
Google Places for Business Category Tool Assists you in finding the correct Google Places category.
Bing Keyword Research Bing’s Keyword Research tool with query volumes and suggestions
  1. Free SEO Tools – Email Marketing
Email Marketing
Rapportive Shows additional information about a contact from their email address right in gmail
Peepmail Email finder for common contacts online
Outreachr Finds a list of websites and contacts according to what keywords you select
Ontolo’s Prospect Filter Filters previously already approached contacts from new prospect lists
MailTester Validates if email address exists or not Email Guesser Guesses email addresses and matches them to Rapportive in Gmail
Email Research Tool Input the name and company of an individual and it will provide several search queries for finding their email address
Email Format Shows probable email address formats for large websites and companies
Boomerang Email scheduling and followup for quick responses
Banana Tag Allows you to track emails, get open email notifications, and provides analytics on your sent emails.
  1. Free SEO Tools – Link Analysis Tools
Link Analysis Tools
Site Explorer Checks for backlinks and provides additional link details
Remove’em Checks URLs for over optimized anchor text
Open Site Explorer Backlink Checker that shows links, linking domains, anchors, and best pages of a domain.
Majestic SEO Backlink profile analysis and link database
Majestic SEO Site explorer and backlink history checker
Linkstant Find out immediately when you receive new links to your website
Link Reporter Displays how many links are on a page and separates internal, external, and nofollow links
Link Analysis Tool Displays every link on a given URL with its anchor text and whether it is nofollow or not
Fresh Link Finder Discover fresh links to your website
Disavow Link Analysis Analyzes your Google backlinks for finding potential disavowed links
Bing Link Explorer Discovers backlinks for any website
Ahrefs Backlink Checker that shows links, linking domains, anchors, and best pages of a domain.
  1. Free SEO Tools – Desktop Applications
Desktop Applications
Xenu’s Link Sleuth Checks websites for broken links
URL Explorer Analyze your site for duplicate content, missing pages, and many other elements throughout your website
Traffic Travis Complete SEO and PPC dashboard
SEO PowerSuite Reviews and analyzes your site’s SEO efforts
Screaming Frog Performs extremely indepth analysis on website SEO elements
Keyword Pad Batch process keywords for in depth keyword analysis
IIS SEO Toolkit Toolkit for analyzing websites along with robots and sitemap features
Good Keywords Manage keywords and create long tail keywords and keyword phrases
  1. Free SEO Tools – Competitive Analysis
Competitive Analysis
SpyFu View competitor adwords campaign information and keyword data
SEMrush Indepth analysis of competition keywords and search data
Searchmetrics Visibility Charts Analyze competitor SEO performance and keyword information
Quantcast Show traffic data for any website
  1. Free SEO Tools – Browser Extensions
Browser Extensions
Sharemetric – Chrome Extension Displays page social share count in toolbar
SEOQuake Provides helpful background information on websites you are visiting or websites in the SERPs
SEO Toolbar View many different SEO related elements of a website all in the web browser
SEO SERP – Chrome Extension Quickly lets you find what SERP position a webpage is for certain keywords
SEO Rank Checker Check site rank position for designated keywords from your browser
SEO Doctor Firefox Plugin Provides easy SEO diagnosis and troubleshooting for your website
SenSEO Firefox Plugin Gives your webpage an on-page SEO report card
SearchStatus Displays important site SEO performance data about a website
Scraper – Chrome Extension Scrapes lists and fields of data on any website and exports them into a spreadsheet
PageRank – Chrome Extension Displays the current website’s pagerank in the toolbar
Page Monitor – Chrome Extension Monitors webpages in the background for changes done to the page
MozBar Displays pagerank, page authority, and domain authority of a website in the browser toolbar
Live HTTP Headers Displays the HTTP headers of a webpage while browsing the website.
LinkChecker plugin Firefox Plugin Analyzes links on a webpage and highlights whether they are live or dead links
Kgen Firefox Plugin Analyzes webpages for dominant keywords with content improvement suggestions
Google Results Bookmarklet Compiles search results into easier to manage lists of URLs
Google Analytics Opt Out – Chrome Extension Tells Google to not track your visits in Google Analytics
Get URLs from Search Results Returns just a list of URLs from a search query
GA Debugger – Chrome Extension Debugs Google Analytics javascript code on websites
Firebug Gives you a techinical view of webpages with css, html, and javascript
Check My Links – Chrome Extension Checks webpages for dead links
  1. Free SEO Tools – Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Visual Website Optimizer Perform a/b testing and multivariate testing on your website
Usability Hub Shows people your site for 5 seconds and asks them questions about it to help you improve conversions
Optimizely Apply and monitor A/B tests to your website
Click Tale Analyze customer experience with visualized and meased in-page behavior
  1. Free SEO Tools – Content
Plagiarism Checker Checks text for plagiarism across the web
Piktochart Allows you to quickly and easily generate infographics without a designer
nTopic Analyzes your website’s content and makes improvements according to your keyword
MyBlogGuest Connect with blogs and bloggers for guest blogging Create good looking infographics quickly and without a designer
Help a Reporter Out (HARO) Connects reporters with sources that might be featured in high authority sites
Google Public Data Publc data search resource for finding various statistics
Copyscape Check for duplicate content on your website across the web


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