Google Update 2017 – Meta Description Length Doubles to 320 Characters

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Dec 09

Google Google Meta Description Length
Google’s Meta Description Length Updates 2017 –
Meta description length update was released by Google. As Google always improve its search algorithm, recently Google has implemented a change in feature snippet where the length of SEO Description (Meta Description) is increased to 320 characters. Earlier, the Meta description tag limit was 160 characters long. In this article you can know all about Meta Description Length such as impacts of changes, dates of released, mobile versus desktop view etc.

What is the latest Google Tag Description Length?

Answer – The Meta Description length is 320 characters. Google is fetching from either from Meta tag or first paragraph of your page description.

What is the Google Meta Title Length?

Answer – The Meta title length is 70 characters. It also depends on pixels of the title length.

Impacts of Changes in Meta Description Length

Now, Google is showing different descriptive snippets in mobile and web version

  • Pros: More keywords can be target in SEO Meta description.
  • Cons: In mobile view, after rank 3 articles will be less visible

Google’s page length increased, page fold almost same.

Meta Description Updates – Mobile vs Desktop View

Google Meta Tag in Mobile

Google Meta Description Length - mobile view

Google Meta Tag in Desktop

Google Meta Description Length - Desktop View

Check out Search Engine Land tweet from below:

Check another lastets update by Google

Google Trends Updates – As per the latest update, Google Trends now provide you Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping and YouTube Search options.

There are following filer options in Google Trends –

Country/Location, Timeline, Categories and Web Search, under the Webs Search you have now following options:

  • Image Search,
  • News Search,
  • Google Shopping,
  • YouTube Search

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