Google Ads Latest Update 2019 – Responsive Search Ads Beta Version

By Tarundeep Singh | Adwords

Jan 26

Google Ads Update January 2019

Google Ads Latest Update January 2019 – Google Ads, earlier known as Google Adwords has brought a new feature for Google Search ads, Responsive Search Ads (Beta). This beta version will be updated soon for all accounts. As per Google Ads/ Adwords latest updates, Responsive Search Ads option is available in only selected Google Ads Accounts.

You can access Responsive Search Ads (Beta) version soon in India and other countries. You check the Responsive Search Ads option in Ads and Extension option. Check the image given below:

Features of Google Adwords Responsive Search Ads (BETA) Version:

Pin / Unpin the Heading:

  • In the Responsive Search Ads, Google allows you to Pin or Unpin the Heading.
  • This is firstly introduced by Google as per latest Google Ads Updates.
  • You can Pin or Unpin you Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 or Heading 4.

Check the example below:

Goggle Ads Update Responsive Search Ads Heading

15 Headings: As per latest Google Ads updates, you can add upto 15 headings in your Ad.

Goggle Ads Update Responsive Search Ads 15 Headings
4 Descriptions: You are allowed to add 4 different descriptions and you can also pin you Descriptions.

Google Ads Update Responsive Ads Description

Pin / Unpin the Descriptions in Google Responsive Search Ads: You can also pin/unpin the description in Google responsive Ads. Check the example given below:

Google Ads Update Responsive Ads Description-pin

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Google Ads Latest Update 2019
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Google Ads Update January 2019 – As per Google Adwords updates, the Responsive Search Ads Beta version has been released. Check out feature with examples.
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