Facebook Local App – An Event Tracker App to Kill Yelp and Foursquare

By Tarundeep Singh | Blog

Nov 24

Facebook Local
Facebook Local App –
Facebook is a profitable organization based in California, U.S. To attract the 2 million users, Facebook always do something new. Facebook also copy its competitors or purchase them. WhatsApp and Instagram are the examples for the same. Now Facebook has decided to kill the Yelp and Foursquare for which Facebook has launched its new app called ‘Facebook Local App’.

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What is Facebook Local App?

Facebook Local App is work on what’s happening soon and nearby. It is much similar to ‘Yelp’ (also a California, U.S based organization) which means that Facebook wants to overtake the Yelp. Well, Facebook Local App could help you pick nearby attractions, restaurants, drinks, cafes, and much more. Facebook Local will also help to choose the place where friends and people you follow go.

Three sections of the Facebook Local App:

Sections Details
First Section of App Home Screen
Second Section of App Map and Search Engine
Third Section of App Calendar

First Section of Facebook Local App –

On the home screen you can searches for restaurants or drinks. You can also check the running list of events happening nearby that you might be interested in.

Second Section of Facebook Local App –

The second section is just like ‘Yelp’. You can search the items (food) or and Keyword such “Tea” or “Chinese Food,” sort by “open now”.

Third Section of Facebook Local App –

Here you can check the calendar. The calendar, initially populated by Facebook events.

Facebook Local App

Facebook Local product manager Aditya Koolwal Says, “Facebook Local won’t feature ads from businesses and events trying to stand out, but we’ll think about advertising way further down the line.”

How to download Facebook Local App?

You can download the Facebook Local App by clicking here.

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Facebook Local App – An Even Tracker App to Kill Yelp and Foursquare
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Facebook Local App – An Even Tracker App to Kill Yelp and Foursquare
Facebook Local App – Facebook has launched its new app called ‘Facebook Local App’. Here, you can know what is Facebook Local App and its features.
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