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Dec 01

Facebook Account Switcher - The Digital Land

Facebook Account Switcher: Facebook always bring new features, now it has launched Facebook Account Switcher. This feature is best for those who maintain multiple Facebook Accounts. Facebook Account Switcher button comes between profile and Home button. Previously Facebook has changed the layout of setting portion. In new update of Facebook Account Switcher, you can add 10 Facebook Accounts.

You can see the image of new layout of Facebook form below: Facebook Account Switcher

How to use Facebook Account Switcher?

If you want to switch the Facebook account you have to follow some steps as given below:

Step 1. Click on Facebook ‘Account Switcher’.

Step 2. Logout from the first Facebook Account.

Step 2. Enter Second Facebook Accounts Details.

Advantages of Facebook Account Switcher?

This feature is very useful for home users and multiple account holders. Facebook users can choose whether or not to save Facebook password for quicker login. If Facebook Account user select Remember my password, they will remain logged into Facebook without having to re-enter your password each time when they log in.

Also Check -> Download Facebook Local App

News Feed Preference:

You can change the News feed preference of Facebook. You can update your News Feed preferences according to,

  • Prioritize who to see first
  • Unfollow people to hide their posts
  • Reconnect with people you unfollowed
  • Discover Pages that match your interests
  • Apps hidden from News Feed

Check the Image of News Feed Preferences below:

Facebook Features

Another Facebook Update: ‘Upload A Clear Photo of Your Face’

Facebook’s New Captcha Test is another Facebook Update where you have to upload a clear photo of your face for verification. Check the tweet for the same.

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Facebook Account Switcher – Latest updates by Facebook
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Facebook Account Switcher – Latest updates by Facebook
Facebook Account Switcher- Facebook always bring new features, now Facebook has launched Facebook Account Switcher. You can add 10 Facebook accounts.
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