Strategic Guide to e-Procurement: Top 5 Procurement Management Tools

By Tarundeep Singh | Blog

Aug 19

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Running an e-commerce business is already difficult and time-consuming. The only way that you can give your best to your online business is if you have some help. While your workforce does help you a great deal, Procurement tools can go a long way in making procurement problems go away. Procurement can be very complex if you have to run around tracking down individual suppliers, managing orders, making sure the inventory is stocked. If you want to get rid of all the excessive work, then procurement tools are going to be best friends. However, if you need further help click here.

Moglix Vendor Portal

This procurement tool is one of the best. If you are looking to minimize your manual labor force and cut back on the procurement costs than you should get this tool. The first benefit of having this tool is that the whole procurement process can be digitalized that every step of procurement can occur smoothly without you or your workforce interfering. The entire process can be automated. This tool can take care of everything from order placement to delivery and payment. Apart from procurement it also catalogs the inventory and keeps a record or what has been sold and what you may need in the next few days, this saves you from reviewing inventory on your own, you can get a notification if there is something that you need to restock.


Another tool that can help you a great deal in making procurement easier is Precoro. It has a number of features that you can use. One of the most important feature that this tool has to offer is tracking your budget. This can help make the right purchases, and you can automatically allocate a certain amount of your budget to something that is important and then use the rest as you see fit. Not only will your budget be well managed, but it will also alert you if you’re spending more than usual. While using this tool, you can free yourself from the excessive burden and use your free time to do more productive work that can benefit your business. Using this application the features that you can acquire are creating your order and delivery preference, the billing can be fully automated, and you can get a spending analysis report, etc.


This application can be the solution to all your problems and the way you can cut down on your long hours. If you are a multichannel selling organization, then this application can help you out for sure. Multi-channel selling can be tough and complicated, it distributes the power to a different source, and therefore many problems may arise. This tool helps you get back on the top and control your own business without distributing power. You use this application to manage your warehouse, inventory and to take care of procurement orders and shipping, etc.


If you are a multi-channel organization than this application can help you with the way you manage your orders and inventory. However, this is an application for those businesses that aren’t on a vast spread level yet. If you use this application it will much easier to manage your business as everything from other servers is centralized and this can make tracking every order and payment much easier than using manual force to do it. Another feature that this application comes with is that it is already integrated with other multinational e-commerce platforms. Apart from centralizing data, it is also a tool that can manage all the steps of procurement so that you can put your mind to better use.

SAP Ariba

This application is suited for both the suppliers and the buyers. While Primaseller is only for small business, this platform can be used by any business. What this application helps you do is stay in touch with your partners no matter where they may be, regardless of any device that you may use. It can also manage buying and selling. Not only does is manage the previously managed features it also manages the cash flow which is very important if want your business to go a long way.

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